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I recently changed out my oxygen sensors on my 2002 Toyota Highlander
V6. I got the difficult to reach one at the rear of the engine out by
myself. However, the front one under the engine manifold proved
impossible, as it had heat fused to the manifold. I took it to Midas -
who advised that a new manifold would have to be obtained and installed
(which they got OEM from Toyota).

The problem though is this, I picked up the vehicle yesterday evening.
I noticed that the clock was acting funny, showing 1:00 each time I
started the ignition. Then it completely shut off this evening when I
drove home at rush hour. That and the a/c unit. The clock is dark
and the A/C unit controls will not light - and the only air vent it will
blow through is the windshield defrost - air does not come out from
anywhere else, regardless of vent knob setting. The strength of the
air current knob (low to high) still works.

Radio still works, as does dome light and door panel lights. I checked
the fuse box and replaced the 7.5 fuse associated with the clock. No

What else might be wrong here? Is something possibly loose or
disconnected from the install of the new manifold? The battery
connections are tight. Just thought I'd ask here before going to
Toyota for a fishing expedition.



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