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A quick search will reveal the problem with the foot X-ray machines was not
what hit the foot but the massive leaks from the machine that exposed those
that operated them to massive amounts of gamma rays daily.


"Johnny Hageyama" <hageyama(a)> wrote in message
> dbu` wrote:
>> > Most of the increase in average lifespan has been due to the decrease
>> > in infant mortality, not due to adults living longer, but there's no
>> > reason to believe modern medicine hasn't contributed positively, a
>> > rare exception being its gross overuse of x-rays before the 1960s.
>> Do you remember the x-ray machines in shoe stores?
> My father knew something about radiation exposure, and when he learned
> that a shoe-ftting machine in a dept. store used x-rays, he lectured
> the employees and customers about the dangers, but I don't think
> anybody listened to him. He said a boy there had looked at his foot
> for several minutes through the fluoroscope.
> Many children in the 1950s were treated with x-rays even all kinds of
> minor ailments, including swollen tonsils, and close to 100% of those
> kids eventually developed thyroid cancer.

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