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On Fri, 01 Jan 2010 20:26:23 -0800, edspyhill01 wrote:

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>> > That's what Brian Williams said on NBC Nightly News.
>> > Bet Nepolitano wished it were a 'working vacation'....
>> > What a load of bull...
>> He should have taken sash and malia
>> here...
> Hach, Sot, and the rest of the Fox zombies need to go live in those tent
> cities for 6 months and give up their government health care during that
> time period.

I didn't WANT the fu(a)king 'government health care', but they fine me every
year if I don't take it.

So do I pay $400 in fines, or $400 and have coverage? No brinaer, I guess.

For most of us, anyway...