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> My brother-in-law has a Ford/Mazda Explorer/Navajo.
> I got a call today that the O/D light was flashing, and the car was
> shaking and had no power. When I got home from work, the car drove fine,
> except for one instance at a traffic light where it seems the transmission
> was stuck in 3rd, and the car shook and the engine stalled. No O/D light
> flashing.
> I know that the flashing O/D light means the transmission control module
> is communicating a malfunction. My question is, is the malfunction stored
> as an OBD II Code that I can read in the same manner as reading codes from
> the Check Engine light?

It turns out the BIL has a scan tool that I did not know he has. I'll be
pulling codes in an hour or so ...

According to the link Hachi sent, I should find a code in the P0700 series.

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On Wed, 09 Sep 2009 05:43:31 -0700, Ralph E Lindberg wrote:

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>> Take it to the Ford/Mazda group!
> Did you check the header? It was posted to both the Toy and Ford group
> (why, I dono)


Because Jeff is a long standing member in the Toy group, and there are
some of us here that actually know there are other manufacturers besides

A few of us even know what a car is! ;)