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>>> Unforunately, it lost out on the PC, which it invented.
>> Actually most people recognize the Apple II as the first "PC." IBM
>> simply sold the first mass marketed computer using the 8088 chip.
> Depends on what you mean by "PC." IBM actually had small computers
> that were for all practical purposes "PCs" before the Apple II, but
> they didn't mass market them. Look for information on the IBM
> 5100.....It was available at least two years before the Apple II.

If you really want to stretch the definition of PCs then you can go
back to the HP 9100A, in 1968. Apparently, Wired Magazine
recognizes this contraption as the world's first PC.

However, it is safe to say that the Apple II, particularly the II+,
accompanied by VisiCalc, was the first PC that was taken seriously
and that was marketed in any quantity.

cordially, as always,

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Jeff wrote:
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>> Jeff wrote:
>>> Unforunately, it lost out on the PC, which it invented.
>> Huh? It invented the IBM PC. The personal computer preceded it by 5-10
>> years, depending on your definition of personal computer.
>> Probably the Apple II and the Commodore PET, April 1977 were the first
>> machines that could be considered personal computers.
> The Apple I was before the Apple II.

Well yes, but there were other's before the Apple I as well. The Apple
II and the PET were two computers that you could use to do actual work.
The Apple I, Altair 8800, KIM-1, etc, were more like hobbyist devices.
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>> I also pointed out that the Corolla is the best selling car (and
>> actually, it is the best selling vehicle of all time, surpassing
>> even the F150 series).
> This is a ridiculous claim. Maybe the Corolla "name" has been on more
> cars than any other "model" name, but the 1966 Corolla is no more
> related to a 2006 Corolla than a 1966 Falcon is related to a 2006
> Fusion. Sticking the same name on completely different cars does not
> make it the "best selling car of all times."

This is true. Technically, the VW Beetle has the claim of best selling
car of all time.
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> Yes. Compared to all other car commercials from all other companies.
> All other commercials are factual and unretouched. Got it.

It seems to me that Toyota runs three type of commercials

1) - The feel good no content commercials - remember the initial
"Moving Forward" commercials with a tire rolling around? Or the recent
RAV4 commercials with a RAV4 running around on an illustrated
background. These seem to be content free.
2) - Silly commercials - all the Tacoma commercial - the meteor
striking a Tacoma, the girl friend pushing the Tacoma off a cliff, the
sea monster grabbing a Tacoma, the Tacoma washing out to sea, etc.
Again content free commercials that don't seem to mean anything.
3) Insulting commercials - Mostly these are stupid Tundra comparison
commercials. The launching ramp commercial is one. What does it mean?
I mean if you control the doors, the length of the ramp, and use a
tether to make sure the truck stops, what have you proved? I used to
get particularly mad at the "old" Tundra commercial where they showed
the Tundra double cab carrying boards that were three inches to long
to fit in the bed of a Ford SuperCrew. If they had been standard
length boards, it might have been meaningful, but the boards were
especially cut to length to just barely fit in the Tundra. So although
it was true, it showed a meaningless comparison. It was an attempt to
mislead people. Basically dishonest, even if factually true.

And your point that other companies run misleading commercial is true,
but none seem to go as far over the line as Toyota. I always want to
call GM when I see ads that call the Silverado "the longest lasting,
most dependable truck." What does that mean? And now I see Dodge
making the same claim. And of course I am sure all Toyota truck owners

I guess the launching ramp commercial just really got under my skin.
It includes text that says "actual demonstration>" Again this is
factually true, but designed to be misleading. If they had left the
tether in the picture and then I would have thought the commercial was
merely silly. But by disguising the tether, it moved over the line
into an outright lie.

I can remember back in the late 70's Ford ran a truck commercial that
showed a scenes from the movie Mr. Majestyk. It showed a truck
bouncing around the country side. The voice over said something like
"If you want a tough truck as shown in these scenes....." Well Ford
pulled the commercials after about a month. Turns out something like
15 trucks were used up in the movie (I am sure some were deliberately
crashed, some cut up to make camera trucks etc). The guy at the ad
agency who created the ad hadn't checked the facts. When Ford found
out that the movie had used multiple trucks to create the scenes they
pulled the ad. Toyota should do the same for the stupid launching ramp
commercial. It might not be a lie, but it is dishonest.


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Jeff <news(a)> wrote:

> #3) PC: A type of personal computer, first made by IBM, with an architecture
> based on the 8086 and later, related processors, that run MS-DOS and later
> Windows. That includes most Dells, Gateways, HPs, Compaqs, but excludes
> non-Intel Apples.

The IBM PC never ran an 8086, doofus. The first PC ran on an 8088,
while everybody else used the older, but more powerful, 8086.

> The point is that IBM designed the original architecture that
> became the mainstay of home and business desktop computing

No, they didn't. The 8088 was descended from the 8080 which ran
the CP/M OS that MS(PC)DOS copied.

Learn your history.

cordially, as always,

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