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"Travis" <travis4(a)> wrote in message
> Well, I was disapointed this morning that the stumble was back and almost
> as
> bad as ever. After thinking about this for awhile I worked out the
> problem.
> It seemed to be related to the spark plugs but both sets perform about the
> same. One of the plugs (#4) that I first removed had a curious black
> track
> down the side of it. This plug was also a bit carbon fouled where the
> other
> 3 were lean-white. I looked hard at the plug wire connector that goes over
> the #4 plug and there was a carbon arc line straight down the inside that
> hugs the plug insulator. I scraped it with a pocket knife and the stumble
> is
> gone. I will order a new wire set for good measure.
> Thanks to all, for all the help and encouragement!

Thanks for the update! Stick to Denso ignition wires ;-)

Ray O
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