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My 95 camry works well in cold start no issues. But after driving for
a few miles and stop. try to restart it won't. It cranks good.
after sitting for about an hour it will start normal.

Back ground: It was getting over heated after driving for 30 miles.
antifreeze collected full in resorvoir. Mechanic changed temperature
sensor but it was still happening. Next time he said head Gasket
blown. No loss of antifreeze observed.

Any thoughts on fixing starting problems.


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"adalharp" <b.prahlada(a)> wrote in message news:1008c432-8932-
> Any thoughts on fixing starting problems.
> Thanks

Yes. Do a little bit of diagnostic work.

If it fails when hot, there are two immediate areas of concern that come to
mind: ekectrical and fuel
(1) Electrical component, perhaps in ignition system, fail when hot. Next
take a spark plug tester, or a neon spark indicator, or timing light, or
that you might have to give you a quick heads-up on ignition voltage, and
the car wont start, see if you have sparking voltage at the plugs. If no,
wring out the ignition system.. coils, modules, etc.
(2) Take a can of starting fluid with you. Give a squirt or two into the
and see if it tries to fire. If yes, then you may well have a fuel delivery
when the car is hot.
(3) Computer- These modules sometimes fail when hot, and come back to
life when cool again. You may have to take it to a qualified mechanic to
test this.

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Thanks for reply.