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> Well Ray..has 112,000 miles..replaced plugs (ngk) cap and rotor, fuel
> filter,air filter,(aftermarket)checked fuel at cold start injector fitting
> for pressure,starts easily and runs fine when dry or warm. when cold or
> rainy..cranks and ocassionally will fire but not run. Had problem before
> parts were replaced.Just started doing this one day!I have introduced fuel
> through pcv hose..and checked spark with old plug with increased gap and
> looks good. I am a mechanic so I am not guessing.I feel it is electrical?
> Thanks!

112,000 miles on a 21 year old van is pretty low mileage!

Since the problem only occurs in wet conditions, I'd guess an electrical
problem as well.

I have seen some aftermarket distributor caps cause running problems in wet
conditions, you can check it out by pulling the cap and seeing if there is
any moisture in there and making sure the O-ring seals well. In those cases
where there were drivability or starting problems, there was still spark.

Also check the electrical connections for the cold start injector and
coolant temp sender to make sure there is no moisture in there.

Different subject, the bolt that holds the lower crankshaft pulley used to
work loose on some of those vans, so next time you're underneath, you might
want to check it out.

Ray O
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