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>>>>> Hey all
>>>>> I keep reading about this bypass (to be able to input addresses while
>>>>> driving) in the nav by tapping the left top left bottom on the volume
>>>>> screen but it doesn't work on my 07, Does anyone have any other ideas?
>>>>> It annoying when you have a passenger not to be able to utilize it.
>>>> What Navigation model?
>>>> My 07 RAV4 has a B9004 and I have the same problem.
>>>> I have found descriptions of several hidden touchscreen manoeuvres, but
>>>> none that work on my model.
>>>> I am seriously thinking of putting a switch on the speed sensor cable
>>>> for
>>>> this purpose,
>>>> but I have no wiring diagram for this navigation unit.
>>>> Asbj�rn
>>>how about this
>> This seems like a rip-off. This info should be available on the 'net,
>> just Google for it.
>> Is the unit manufactured by Garmin? My Nuvi 750 has an option that
>> allows you to disable the block until you reset it.
>> Also, my unit doesn't use a speed sensor cable. It gets the speed
>> information internally by computing the rate of change for it's
>> coordinates.
>> Jack
>This speed sensor cable I was talking about is what triggers the blocking of
>destination input to the navigation, as well as phone number input to the
>mobile phone.
I'm not telling you how your unit works, just mine. I have a Garmin
Nuvi 750 and the only connection to the car is the cigar lighter plug
for power. Mine also has an interlock that won't let you input data,
addresses, etc if the car is moving. The interlock can be disable
through a menu option. I thought that, if yours is made by Garmin, it
might have the same operating system mine uses.

I still fail to understand why a navigation device would need an input
from the speedometer. It already has all the information it needs to
tell the vehicle's speed, direction of travel, altitude, etc. It
would seem that an input from the speedometer would be redundant.