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>>>>> Nearby Toyota dealer charged $258.38 to replace my front brake pads
>>>>> on
>>>>> a 2003 Corolla. Does that seem a little steep to you? In the past
>>>>> I've
>>>>> avoided doing my own brake work, but I think it's time to learn!!
>>>> Next time, post here and I'll give you some directions. Once you get
>>>> the
>>>> hang of it, you can do it in about 45 minutes without pneumatic tools,
>>>> about 30 minutes with pneumatic tools.
>>>> For tools, you will need a jack and jack stands; something to block the
>>>> wheels like a block of wood; a torque wrench; 14 mm socket and ratchet;
>>>> large C-clamp or large pair of water pump pliers; a toothbrush style
>>>> wire
>>>> brush; a can of aerosol brake cleaner; a can of disc brake anti-squeal
>>>> spray; and Permatex anti-seize (silver color), disc brake lube, or high
>>>> temperature wheel bearing grease.
>>>> --
>>>> Ray O
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>>> Thanks, Ray! I have most of that stuff so it won't be a big deal to get
>>> the clamp, brush and consumables.
>> You're welcome! Once you get the hang of a brake job, you'll wonder why
>> you
>> paid someone to do it.
> So you can sue them if it goes wrong?
Well, there is that...

Ray O
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