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"Glen" <strum4u(a)> wrote in message
> Hello All,
> Also, when I used a paper clip to jump the specified terminals in the
> diagnostics port, there is no steady flashing
> clearing codes, unlocking anything, etc.)
> In close, thanks for any advice or help in this matter. I truly
> appreciate it. I usually take my 85 yr. old mother to to one or two
> doctor appointments per week, and need to get this car back on the
> road ASAP!
> Respectfully,
> Glen E. Sarkis

Hi Glen,

Its frustrating not to get answers !!!!!.

I have no idea what fault ( if any ) you have caused.
But I spent 30+ years in medical equipment repairs
in UK Hospitals.

One thing I would go over ALL the
places that you inspected.

Have you maybe not plugged some thing back in correctly or
just accidentally unplugged or disturbed some thing.

You may think NO, well just check it AGAIN,
SLOWLY don't ACCEPT its correct till you check
each place AGAIN.

I have a 1995 2.2 litre Camry.
From just hit 102.000 miles.

Check check and re-check .
Good luck.

Johnny UK